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Uni, Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Venray


Sasha Lord Presents
Saturday December 29th
UNI, Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb, & Venray
$12, ALL AGES and 10pm 

Kemp Muhl is bassist in the GOASTT (and on Jack White's new album Border House Reach) - in Uni she plays bass, writes, produces and directs insane videos... 

“...Seventies prog-rock exaggeration served with glitter-rock bang. If Procol Harum and Spooky Tooth had chosen to make records like the Sweet, they might have sounded like Uni. But they wouldn't have looked this good.” - Rolling Stone best 30 bands at SXSW

"Uni haven’t just invented a surreal mix of glam rock and art pop, they’ve created an entire alternate UNIverse." -Paste / Bands To Watch

Uni on KCSN radio Los Angeles with Nic Harcourt. 

“Adult Video” at Nylon