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Piramid Scheme, Snax, Brighten Black

Piramid Scheme (DC)
New garage, glam-rock band featuring Lisa Said, Darrien Day (Atta Girl), Andrew Toy (Drummer), and Howard Rabach - Session Bassist.

SNAX (Berlin)
On his newly release album Shady Lights, Snax peppers his
sound with his own profound life experiences from the past
several years. The album comes at the end of a period
marked by the pain of surgery, the selling of his childhood
home, and the loss of a loved one to suicide, but also the joy
of marriage and commitment, and a terrific new studio space
for working through all these ideas. But Snax counters with
an album that takes all these themes and imbues them with
a dose of hope. Shady Lights' seventeen tracks (including
some strategically placed instrumental codas) swing and
groove with confidence, filled with earworm choruses and
slinky musical accompaniment, derived from influences as
disparate as abstract pop, musique concrète, R&B, and punk
rock. The puzzle process that guided the album is
camouflaged by a sequence of distinct songs that flow
together with purpose, sort of like life's unconnected events
forming a whole.

Brightan Black (DC)