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Kid Congo's Birthday Bash!!


Happy 60th Birthday Kid Congo Powers!

Friday, March 22nd
Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds + The Edwiges & DJ Baby Alcatraz
10pm - $15 - All Ages

From the early '80s onward, guitarist Kid Congo Powers (born Brian Tristan) was a distinctive presence at the nexus where roots music meets punk. Powers had memorable tenures with the Gun Club (which he co-founded with Jeffrey Lee Pierce), the Cramps, and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. However, while he was the instrumental half of the Congo Norvell duo in the '90s, Powers didn't consider stepping out as a frontman until 2005. That year, Powers released two solo albums, Philosophy and Underwear and Solo Cholo. As Powers began refining his skills as a songwriter and vocalist, he ramped up his recording and touring schedule, and formed a band to accompany him on his projects. Fusing primitive, swampy rock & roll, garage rock, and fractured blues with East L.A. Chicano rock and a dash of punk and psychedelia, Powers dubbed his new band the Pink Monkey Birds.

The Edwiges are Rob Duprey, Scott Mcknight, Marcus Esposito, Jay Jenc, and Antoine Sanfuentes. Duprey was the guitarist with The Mumps and Iggy Pop. He co-wrote Iggy Pop's "Zombie Birdhouse." Jay Jenc hails from Jumpin Jupiter. Scott McKnight was with The Neighbors, The Linemen, and is currently with the Jelly Roll Mortals. Marcus Esposito is a DC area multi-instrumentalist and founding member of The Young Professionals, Kismet, Exit 10. Antoine Sanfuentes is an accomplished drummer, journalist, and photographer.