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Buke and Gase, Sir E.U, Beth Casey

buke and gase poster.jpg

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019
Buke and Gase + SIR E.U + Beth Casey
$12 - 9pm - All Ages
at Comet Ping Pong (5037 Connecticut Ave NW)

Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez improvise, organize, mix, master, release and perform genuine, contradictory, rhythmically dense, thoughtfully lyricized and melodically-driven sonic landscapes. Always accounting for self-sufficiency they aim to perform each sound live, utilizing all available limbs to manipulate their sonic space. They filter and tweak the self designed instruments referred to in their nom de plume through multiple effects concurrently while triggering home-crafted rhythms in time, therefore, the duo is often seated during their shows, and the flurry of action onstage has led many an observer to question who plays what and how in the deceivingly wide aural experience. The girl sings her heart out; medics will siren their arrival shortly after the final note to replace her throbbing meat-ball with scotch tape and pliers.